Stockton Native Uses Hollywood UnlockedWinnings Towards Fun Packs For Youth Amid Coronavirus

Written by Ariela Anís April 25, 2020
Photo Credit: Facebook/Demetrius Stigar

Stockton Native Uses Hollywood Unlocked Winnings Towards Fun Packs For Youth Amid Coronavirus
Stockton native and Hollywood Unlocked “15K In 15 Days Giveaway” winner, Brittany Bobian, has shared her winnings with Stockton’s kids via the organization, Balloons Over Bullets. Together, they’ve used their $1,000 earnings to create fun packs for the youth quarantining at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Bobian, along with BOB founder DeMar Johnson, and Katrina Espinosa, Demetrius Stigar and more have put together fun packs including 20,000 water balloons, silly string, clay, water guns, jump ropes, pencils, markers, chalk, crayons, stickers, kites, bubbles and more.

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Speaking with the Stockton Record, Johnson says, “I was looking for the safest, the cheapest and the funnest way for kids to get active and still keep up social distancing. I’ll be doing this until I can go back outside and have balloon fights with kids. It’s not just me. It is going to be a lot of people helping me make this happen. This is just my chance to remind kids it’s OK to be kids.”